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Two men were arrested in Austria for Amphetamine

Two men were arrested in Austria for Amphetamine

The two are to be sent to prison. They are beeing accused for re-selling large quantities of amphetamine drugs which they were procuring on the dark web.
The 27 and 28 years old males from the city of Tyrol admitted they were importing, distributing and selling whole kilos of this dangerous substances.

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Stolen Uk identities sold for £10 on darkweb

Stolen personal data of UK citizens is selling for as little as £10 on the dark web, offering hackers all the information needed to carry out online fraud and identity theft.
So called fullz which is a hacker slang meaning a FULL ID of UK citizens are being listed on several popular online black markets. A full ID usually contains an individual’s name, address, passwords and banking details...

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Grams search engine shuts down

This week we came across various reports that Grams would be shutting down for good.

Quoting the famous line from Douglas Adams book in a Reddit post, the operator of Grams announced that they are giving up. The site is giving a small grace period for people to get their business in order and withdraw Bitcoin, which is more than most Dark Web sites do when they go belly up. Bitcoin that’s still ...

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Cyber Criminals ‘Anti Public’ acquires nearly Half Billion Italian Email Accounts from Deep Web

According to rumors one of the biggest security breaches had made 17 Gigabytes of data end up in the Deep Web. It contains Email Addresses and passwords linked to Top Italian ….

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640K Decrypted PlayStation Accounts for sale on a market

A seller named “SunTzu583” offering for sale 640,000 decrypted hacked PlayStation accounts on TheRealDeal marketplace. We all know that all the hacked data will end up somewhere in the darkweb but surprisingly these accounts were completely….

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Weapons and Drugs on sale, 5 individuals arrested

Italy: An active drug trafficker in dark web and real work goes by the name ‘Kriminale’ in deep web he was reported for years by the US authorities and was arrested by the Lecco police as part of a join operation about the illegal operations….

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ISP's begin metadata gathering so Australian Human Rights Group declare ,, National get a VPN DAY''

Australia’s Mandatory data retention scheme which came into effect on April 13th, 2017 as ISP(Internet service providers), and ...

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If you are Russian, think twice before running a TOR exit node

In Moscow: Russian officials made an arrest of a mathematics teacher named Dmitry Bogatov on accusations of organizing riots and calling for terrorist activities or justifying the use of terrorism via the Internet. Lecturer works at Moscow’s Finance and Law University, and….

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Th US Senate now allowing ISP's to sell user data

According to the recent news, US senate has proposed and passed as law that the Internet Service Providers (ISP) need not explicitly ask the permission of the users to sell or share their personal information or browsing history to any third party...

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Russian Hacker ,,Rasputin'' compromised 60 Universities and US Governments by SQL Injection Technique

A well-known Russian hacker Rasputin breaches over 60 Universities and US government organization through unpatched SQL injection. According to the Recorded ...

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Spend £11 in Bitcoin to purchase stollen credit card details

A new report says that the Dark web is now selling stolen Visa or MasterCard details which cost £11 per head. You can buy the stolen credit card details on the dark web using a Bitcoin. Other information like credit cards, emails, IP address, and corporate accounts are openly...

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Berlusconi Market taken down by the italian police

The Italian police shutdown yesterday the second biggest marketplace “Berlusconi Market” and taken in custody 3 suspects accused of running it.
Il Nucleo Speciale Tutela Privacy e Frodi Tecnologiche ( The Special Unit for the Protection of Privacy and Technological Frauds) was responsible for the shutdown of….

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